Days through my phone 17’1


1. Fresh tulips always gives a nice touch to my home.

2.Trying Maybelline’s The Nudes pallet. Loving those colors but it could be more pigmented.

3.Drinking coffee at Rome Fiumicino Airport.

4.Listening to music. Loving this song at the moment.


5.Loving dark nails during autumn/winter (but for the summer I prefer light fresh colors on my nails).

6.Another adventure starts!

7.Wondering in the beautiful streets of Rome.

8.Loving VS body lotions, they all smells amazing ❤


9.New beauty products for the summer time. Lips and nails

10.Freshly made manicure and light peach color on my nails.

11. Another great song to listen.

12.What can I say…I just love VS products.


13.Drinking a lot of water. Never tried before VOSS Norwegian water – liked it! My post about importance of water

14. Beautiful Trevi fountain in Rome.

15.Drinking tea at the new local restaurant.

16.As I said, I like fresh, light colors :))


Lips and nails

New addition to my cosmetic bag – L’Oreal sexy lip balm in color Sheer 103 As If I and my all time favorite Lumene nail polish in color no.8 Full of Peonies. Actually my very  first post was about it – Pink peonies on your nails

I really like this L’Oreal lip balm cause it’s very soft and gives nice light color and Lumene nail polish stays on the nails without damages for such long time so I just had to repurchase it for this spring/summer as well.

Do you have a nail polish (or some other beauty product) which you always repurchase and repurchase and repurchase? :)))


Something new

I know I’ve been absent in my blog for a while, but it just was a rough time for me…Well well, I will try not to do such long pauses at my blog in the future. Now I tought I could share my new shopping purchases from this weekend. I managed to get some stuff which were still on sale and some from the new collections.

I bought this soft bra from a new H&M lingerie collection. It is kinda bralette type of bra which I never had before and really wanted to purchase.

Another thing I bought is this absolutely beautiful and lovely (at least for me) suede leather cross body bag from new ZARA collection. I thin this will be perfect for sunny spring and summer days.

I manage to find my size light blue jeans which were on sale at BERSHKA shop. These are just a simple jeans with one ripped knee. Will be good with pair of sneakers and soft t-shirt.

Another thing on sale is this dark blue waistcoat from ZARA.

So yeah, that is all I’ve got this time. I can’t wait to wear all of those pieces.



Smells like heaven

I tought I could show some new perfumes which are added in my collection. Calvin Klein “IN2U” and Dolce Gabbana “The One”. CK perfume is more day perfume its smells very fresh and has a citrus accent and DG perfume is more for an evening, very rich and alluring.

Days through my phone

Mostly about the food…


1. Pasta with spinach, chicken, feta cheese and tomatoes

2. Looking for new lighting

3. Wearing scarf which I got from my mother in law

4. Eating a lot of salads during this month


5. Another day at the airport

6. My breakfast..omlet with tomatoes, chia seeds, feta cheese, and spinach

7. Another plate of salad

8. My favorite…bounty


9. Plate of spaghetti with vegetables

10. Remembering summer days

11. Winter berries covered in snow

12. Waiting for a train at the train station…another trip

New goodness for my hair

I recently bought this hair mask from Lee Stafford and I really liking it! It suppose to help grow your hair longer than it usually does, I can’t still confirm that, because its only two weeks since I started using it, but I can tell that I absolutely like how my hairs looks after applying this mask. They are all so soft and shiny!


Rouge Dior in Matte 999 – I absolutely in love with this colour. It is perfect red colour for nice evening make up look. Texture is perfect and colour stays on lips for so long. It is just a small sample, which is perfect for the small make up bag for an evening clutch.