Importance of Water

I have to admit that I don’t drink as much water as I should, but lately I really trying to not to forget the importance of drinking water. Because I always tend to forget to drink water I purchased two apps from App Store to my phone. Basically now I’m trying to choose which one app I like most and then I decide I will be using only on app, there is no need for two of them.

First app is called DrinkMinder. I’ve been using it for a while and really loved how you can see on human body little by little how much did you drank already and it shows how much of a body it fills in. But there is one big minus that I can’t see the history (statistic) of drinking water. I only can see the current day and I can’t compare it with the past days. Although there supposed to be a possibility to see it and you should just press the Drinking Record. But for me when I press it doesn’t show anything at all and I really don’t like it.


Another app is called My Water. It is a simple app there you can also count and mark how much water you already drank. Also there is a possibility to choose a lot of other drinks including tea and coffee which is for me is kinda strange because I’m not sure if drinking tea and moreover coffee should really count. I don’t know…I think not. But it is a big plus that I can see the history of my drinking records. I think I might stay with this one app although I really like that human body in the first app.


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