Something new

I know I’ve been absent in my blog for a while, but it just was a rough time for me…Well well, I will try not to do such long pauses at my blog in the future. Now I tought I could share my new shopping purchases from this weekend. I managed to get some stuff which were still on sale and some from the new collections.

I bought this soft bra from a new H&M lingerie collection. It is kinda bralette type of bra which I never had before and really wanted to purchase.

Another thing I bought is this absolutely beautiful and lovely (at least for me) suede leather cross body bag from new ZARA collection. I thin this will be perfect for sunny spring and summer days.

I manage to find my size light blue jeans which were on sale at BERSHKA shop. These are just a simple jeans with one ripped knee. Will be good with pair of sneakers and soft t-shirt.

Another thing on sale is this dark blue waistcoat from ZARA.

So yeah, that is all I’ve got this time. I can’t wait to wear all of those pieces.




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