Days through my phone 17’1


1. Fresh tulips always gives a nice touch to my home.

2.Trying Maybelline’s The Nudes pallet. Loving those colors but it could be more pigmented.

3.Drinking coffee at Rome Fiumicino Airport.

4.Listening to music. Loving this song at the moment.


5.Loving dark nails during autumn/winter (but for the summer I prefer light fresh colors on my nails).

6.Another adventure starts!

7.Wondering in the beautiful streets of Rome.

8.Loving VS body lotions, they all smells amazing ❤


9.New beauty products for the summer time. Lips and nails

10.Freshly made manicure and light peach color on my nails.

11. Another great song to listen.

12.What can I say…I just love VS products.


13.Drinking a lot of water. Never tried before VOSS Norwegian water – liked it! My post about importance of water

14. Beautiful Trevi fountain in Rome.

15.Drinking tea at the new local restaurant.

16.As I said, I like fresh, light colors :))



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