Kitchen cabinet organization

Today I was cleaning all my kitchen – oven, microwave, sink, floors and etc. and I noticed that one of my kitchen cabinet is a real mess. Since my kitchen looked all really nicely cleaned on the outside I couldn’t let my self to leave that mess on the inside.



First tip would be to keep everything in little boxes, jars and etc. that would make your cabinet look more organized. For e.g. keep you jars full, not empty/half-empty so you would not have some stuff both in jar and in the original package. For me that happened with coffee. Coffee jar was empty and another jar of coffee in the original package was full so it took more space in the cabinet than it should.


The same was with sugar and salt…I need to remind myself to always fill up jars which are half empty.


Another tip to keep your cabinet clean is to place in front main things which you use daily like olive oil or your favourite spices. Do not place them in the back of the cabinet because then you will need them you gonna create a mess trying to take them out.






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