Hair loss


It is not a fun thing for girl (or even a boy) to see that their hair began to creep. A few months or even a past half of year was really stressful for me so I guess maybe that is the reason why my hair started to creep. Stress is really bad for your whole body including hair, nails and etc. need to say, that I started stressing even more than I noticed how many hairs stays in the brush after brushing or are in the bathtub after washing them. At first I tried to use some shampoos and conditioners which supposed to help from hair loss but for me that was just a waist of time. Then  was time for a haircut I talked with my hairstylist about my new problem and she suggested to use this stimulant serum from Cutrin. As you probably already saw this serum is for men actually, but I don’t mind using it because it has very light and nice smell so I don’t smell like a man everyday coming to work. And I don’t mind if it was created for men or for woman as much as it does it’s work – strengthens hair follicles and stops hair loss.


On the package is says “Strengthens hair follicles. It stimulates cell regeneration and improves blood flow. Palm extract, xylitol and lactitol balances and soothes the scalp. Fully improves scalp condition. Give hair flexibility, strengthens them.” I’m using it just a few weeks right now, so I can’t tell it it is working or not yet, maybe later I will write my experience.


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