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I really can’t believe that in a few days there will be spring. It is so crazy how fast time flows by. It seems that just yesterday winter started. A few days ago I went through my shoes closet and figure out that I need to do some shopping and get a new pair of shoes for the spring time and maybe add some color. All my shoes basically are in black color so I decided to look for something different this time.


I found these flats in burgundy color and right away I could imagine with which piece of clothing I could wear them. After trying them and seeing how comfortable they are (and very very cheap) I decided that I will take them.


Another ones in beige (light brown) color also catched my eye. So I decided to add also this color in to my shoes closet. No need to say that this color goes to almost every color in spring time.

Both pairs of shoes are brought in Primark store. I know I know.. quality of them isn’t good but considering the price and the fact that I wouldn’t wear them every day I think that it will last for the season.


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