My new Tangle Teezer

A few weeks ago I bought this Tangle Teezer brush from one online store and I just yesterday received my order. Before buying this hair brush I was a little bit skeptical even if I had heard and read so many good reviews from other girls.

IMG_5543 I wasn’t sure If I really need one for myself, but because I always brush my hair after washing them, and with normal hair brush to do that without damaging hair by brushing them while they are wet it is almost impossible I decided that I should give a try.

IMG_5544I can say, that I ended up really enjoying this Tangle Teezer hair brush. I can say, that I think this hair brush really does it job – less damages to the hair.

IMG_5545It does not rough up my hair, and even If my hair after washing is wet and a little bit rough up it brushes my hair very smoothly.

IMG_5547What kind of hair brush do you prefer?


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