Color Riche

Yesterday I bought L’Oreal nail polish from new exclusive collection by J. Lo. I can say, that I always was a little bit skeptical about L’Oreal nail polishes, I have tried L’Oreal nail polish in nude color few years ago, and I actually didn’t liked it at all. But when I saw this new collection at the drugstore and there also was nail polishes by Blake Lively, Eva Longoria and some other woman (I actually forgot all the names) it took my attention because it was exclusive and looked really beautiful so I thought I should give another chance for L’Oreal nail polishes by choosing J. Lo collection Color Riche.


For making the nice shape for my nails I’m using KosMart professional nail files. I absolutely love KosMart nail files they are really in a good quality and so easy to use. Just a few touch and my nails is ready for the second step – polish. For polishing my nails I use some random nail polisher buffer (you can get them at any drugstore or supermarket).


After giving the shape I want to my nails and using polisher buffer, I applied base coat and then I started painting my nails. At first I tough that probably L‘Oreal nail polishes improved because first layer looked kind of ok, but after I add another layer of nail polish I noticed bubbles on my nails..Also I noticed that this nail polish is too thick.


As always in the end I add one layer of the top coat, and also it is for quick dry. At the moment I‘m using Essence top coat.


So, in conclusion, I have to say that the second try of L‘Oreal nail polish wasn‘t successful for me, color maybe looks nice, but you probably can‘t see it very clearly, but may nails are with bubbles. But I can say that a lot of girls like these nail polishes, so in this post is just my own opinion.

Do you like L’Oreal nail polishes?

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