Summer lips

During fall/winter I like to wear just lip balm on my lips just to protect lips from cold weather and to give them nice and soft look.

But for a summer I prefer to wear on my lips a little bit brighter color.

For a while my favorite products for lips is Maybelline “Color Sensational Shine Gloss”. IMG_4050 (2)1After using it for a while I can say that this is a lip gloss without all the sticky gloopiness which has probably most of the lip glosses from a drugstore . It goes very smoothly and last on my lips for really long time. IMG_4055The color I using right now is called “Glorious Grapefruit, no.420”. I like that the color is so true and on the lips color looks  the same as it in the tube. It gives to the lips nice and shimmery look.

Basically, the main reasons why I like it is it because it has wonderful smell, feels great on the lips, has great pigmentation, is none sticky and also it is inexpensive.


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