Volume and Length

A few years ago i found mascara which was perfect for my eyelashes. It is L‘Oreal Volume Million Lashes. The brush cover the eyelashes very smoothly and the rich black color makes your eyelashes look really beautiful. It don‘t gives any clumps like some other drugstore mascaras. As it says in a description it really gives perfect volume and length.page1

This is one of my favorite drugstore mascaras, along with Maybelline The One by One Volume Express mascara. I‘m not really sure about the prices but I guess that Maybelline mascara is a little bit cheaper, but it also works really well on my eyelashes. As you can see brush is different than L‘Oreal mascara‘s but it also works really well in separating individual lashes.


What is your favorite mascara?


2 thoughts on “Volume and Length

  1. My favorite mascara is from MaxFactor, but I also have tried L’Oreals Volume Million Lashes 🙂 but I prefer MaxFactor more


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